peep toe, September 2015

peep toe, September 2015

fuji xt-1 + fuji 56mm 1.2

Fact: I am a cheap ass about some things. Yes, this summer I blew hundreds of dollars on a camera lens that I’ve ended up barely using – the lens I used to take this photo. (It’s now up for sale for that reason – though it is an amazing lens). But I guess spending the vast majority of my adult life working for peanuts and living paycheck to paycheck instilled an aversion to spending money regularly on things I deem frivolous. Like shopping.

Gretchen Rubin writes a lot about happiness, and specifically, how money can and can’t buy it. In one of her books, she says that she learned that buying certain things can actually make you happier, or make your life easier – and in that case, it’s worth it. I’ve found that to be true with myself recently, as I have decided to loosen the financial reins on myself and spend money on things I typically hate spending money on. Like clothes, and home decor.

Three years ago I went through about six months of major life changes. Breakup including a move, job/career change, and another move, this time to a new area where I knew no one. Over the following couple of years, I sort of checked out and stopped caring, and gained a few pounds. Most of my clothes still fit, but some things that were already tight, were now uncomfortable. I’ve since lost half of what I gained, and I look fine, but sometimes you just need to throw out the clothes that don’t fit as well anymore, and go out and buy some new clothes and shoes to feel pretty again. I’ve been making an effort to do that lately (cheaply, of course) and it’s definitely been a confidence booster.

I did keep a pencil skirt that doesn’t quite fit anymore. I love the skirt, but it was super tight when I was at my smallest. As I get older, I’m not finding the skin-tight look quite as appealing, no matter what size I am. But I’m keeping it anyway, because that’s what we girls do… just in case.



fuji xt-1 + pentax 50mm 1.7


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  1. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your pictures.

    I also recently went through something similar. A breakup, move, impulse decision to move from Helsinki, Finland to Berlin, Germany, which never happened because I got married in a rush in Las Vegas and ended up in Denver, Colorado. But those changes included a lot living from a suitcase. I came to US with a suitcase and a small backpack, and since I had to wait for a work permit, I didn’t have much money to replace the things I was used to having. I learned to love not owning things. There is really not that much things we need in everyday life.

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