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Las Vegas, 2015

fuji xt-1 | fuji 56mm 1.2

It’s officially fall here in Virginia. Despite this being my favorite season (yes, I’m a white girl), I haven’t picked up my camera since Vegas. Going through a dry spell, I guess. It’s not unusual for me to back off from photography in the winter and curl up with books instead – I guess I’ve just started a little earlier this year.

I’m also completely disillusioned with Flickr lately, despite it being my photography “home base” online for over ten years now. It’s not the same it used to be at all; many of the photographers and groups that I admired, and that inspired me, have long abandoned it for Instagram. The only comments I get are spam, advertisements for groups, or people who post some inane comment in the hopes you will click on them and view their photos. I’ve even had people lately post actual links to a photo of theirs in the comments to MY photo. It’s so annoying that I’ve just disabled comments on there all together. I’m sick of the spammy, BS environment over there.

Of course, Instagram is even worse. I’ve been crossposting some of my photos over there for awhile now, and honestly, I just don’t see the point. I still post to both Flickr and Instagram just because I guess I don’t know what to do with myself if I’m taking all these photos and no one sees them. I know that “likes” mean nothing.

Oh wait, I just talked about this three months ago… hell, I don’t know anymore.


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  1. I’d say you take the photos for yourself, but I suppose that’s the same standard answer all photogs get when they go through a dry spell (myself included)… I’ve been growing increasingly upset with Instagram’s “sponsored posts” lately… Guess I got too used of my ad-free experience with Flickr…

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