Candid street portraits at ~85mm

Since I’ve been thinking about adding the Fuji 56mm lens (85mm in full frame terms) to my kit, I’ve been trying to shoot with that focal length lately – either with my manual Pentax 50mm lens, or by using the 18-55 zoom lens at the 55 end. So far… I’m not sure. It’s a focal length that I have to force myself to use, unless I really can’t move (in which case I would be using a zoom anyway), and when I have it on my camera, I tend to want something shorter and more versatile. I never used my Canon 50mm much either, it’s just too long to be very useful most of the time. It’s fun to change things up and challenge yourself, though.

Richmond, VARichmond, VA – Pentax-M 50mm 1.7

I didn’t quite nail the focus on this one, but I liked it anyway.

20150531-untitled-9653-resizedSan Francisco, CA – Fuji 18-55mm @ 55mm

Seriously how cute is this couple? CARL AND ELLIE IT’S CARL AND ELLIE!!!



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