Portraits, and a meeting of the old school bloggers

I got to do something really cool while I was in San Francisco, which was meet two people that I’ve known online for FIFTEEN years. Laura, Greg and I were all bloggers back in the late 1990s. This was long before MySpace or Facebook, long before they were called blogs (“online journal” was the term), pre-Livejournal, and loooooong before sharing anything personal online was even remotely socially acceptable. I started writing online in 1997, when I was a sophomore in high school.

11248252_10153929942254119_1406672591408310645_nGreg, me, & Laura in Berkeley, CA

The “online journal” community was awesome. We wrote about personal things. We wrote about mundane things. There were brilliant writers and funny writers. There were people with interesting lives and people with normal lives with the ability to make them sound really interesting. There was some drama of course, and trolls did exist even back then, but for the most part, it was a very supportive community.

The great thing was that we were actually writers. We weren’t posting 140-character Twitter updates or short Facebook statuses. We wrote long entries, with actual complete sentences and paragraphs.

The good old days are long gone – there is nothing like that community that still exists. Even Livejournal is like a ghost town at this point, and has been for years. Not to mention, we all grew up and got real jobs, lives, and relationships, and writing about our lives online just wasn’t a good idea anymore, or we didn’t have time for it. Luckily with Facebook, I’ve managed to keep in touch with some of the people from back in the day. And here I am, still blogging after 18 years … just with photos instead.

Anyway, Laura was nice enough to let me shoot some portraits of her while we were walking around San Francisco on my last day. There is a very cool alley in The Mission filled with murals – it actually reminded me a lot of Richmond.




fuji xt-1 | fuji 27mm 2.8 (top photo), fuji 35mm 1.4 (bottom two photos)


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