Tenderloin, San Francisco

Tenderloin, San Francisco

fuji xt-1 | fuji 27mm 2.8

I’m back from my trip to San Francisco. It was awesome. Loved it. Beautiful area, and the street photography opportunities are plentiful. I did a couple of touristy things, and finally met up with some Internet friends I’ve “known” for 15 years but had never met in person, but for the most part I just wandered around.

At one point I walked through a particularly gritty, urine-soaked, drug-ridden area that I later found out was the Tenderloin – the area of the city that they tell tourists to avoid at all costs. Whoops. Of course, other than the smell, I was loving it. I could have wandered around there for hours.



  1. Hello! I live in the TL and its a pretty large district with over 40,000 residents. Dont let the few bad blocks represent us as a whole, it really is a great area! Lots of hidden gems.

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