Street portraits – Richmond VA

I guess I’m lucky being a female when it comes to street photography, because I’m a lot less likely to get yelled at if I point a camera at someone. In certain neighborhoods, I can barely walk down the street without several men VOLUNTEERING for photos.  I prefer candid shots, but street portraits can be nice if you meet an interesting character. Like Mr. Queezy here. I met him outside a barber shop on Broad St. near VCU last summer.




fuji xt-1 | 18-55mm



  1. I always wonder if gender make a difference when it come to street photography. would be people be more confrontational to a male or female photographer? Are people more opened if it a female taking a picture of them compared to a male? Just wondering, as a female how would feel if it a male photographer took a random photo of you? Would you prefer that he ask you first or would it be okay if he took a at the moment photo of you?

    • I’ve had that happen to me and it was so quick I didn’t even have time to react. I’m not even sure he was taking a photo of me specifically. Actually having that happen to me and seeing my own response made me feel better about taking pictures of others!

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